Synopsys CoreTools
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coreAssembler Tutorial:

Synopsys' CoreTools consists of the following:
coreBuilder : This tool may be used to package a third party IP/Component into synopsys's environment.
It may be used to genearate the IP-XACT view of the IP/Component.
It may be used to generate the IP/component's  'coreKit' , a synopsys database, which is used in coreTools.
This will then allow the user to use the packaged third party IP, with coreTools.

coreConsultant : This tool may be used to configure an instance of the IP, define its parameters, and run
simulation on the same. The o/P of this tool may be a configured RTL of the IP/component and a Testbench.

coreAssembler : This tool is used to 'assemble' a subsystem.

This tutorial is about coreAssembler.
coreAssembler may act in certain circumstances as a super set of coreConsultant.
That is to say coreAssembler can do a few things that coreConsultant can do.
But it is to be noted that coreAssembler is not a complete superset.

What is coreAssembler used for:
coreAssembler is used to build subsystems.
It allows the user to assemble IPs, make connections and dump out the Subsystem RTL.
Under some circumstances it will also dump out a Testbench environment.
It also allows the user to synthesize the Subsystem.
However the scope of this tutorial is to be able to help the user build a Subsystem RTL

Let us consider the example Subsystem Shown Below:

This is a bridge between AHB Master and AXI Slaves:
This subsystem will be built with the following 3 components

It will now be shown how this subsystem can be built using coreAssembler.
Though core Assembler can be used both in Gui and batch mode, here the empahsis will be on
writing scripts to build the above subsystem.

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coreAssembler commands:

Some Random Core Assembler commands

set_unused_interface -component i_ahb_eh2h_APP_SS_S0 -interface *

set_unused_interface -interface [find_interface_instances -component i_ahb_eh2h_APP_SS_S0 -name hgrant]

set_unused_interface -interface [find_interface_instances -component i_ahb_eh2h_APP_SS_S0 -name hgrant] 1