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coreAssembler Tutorial : Page II

Invoke Core Assembler, and set up the path for DW LIB IPs in coreAssembler.

Given the Licenses are in place
Linux> $path/coreAssembler, where $path is the installation directory for coreAssembler.

Make the DesignWare Library IP components visible to the coreAssembler:
That is to say, set the Search Path for core Assembler where it will look for installed IPs
Type the following command in coreAssmebler Command Window:
set_activity_parameter SpecifySubsystem SearchPath "$::synopsys_root/auxx/dware/glue /usr/myname/CoreTools/DW/iip/latest /usr2myname/CoreTools/DW/axi/iip/latest/"
/usr/myname/CoreTools/DW/iip/latest is the installation path for AHB IPs
Inside /usr/myname/CoreTools/DW/iip/latest, usually following components can be found:

DW_ahb  DW_ahb_dmac  DW_ahb_eh2h  DW_ahb_h2h  DW_ahb_icm  DW_ahb_ictl  DW_apb  DW_apb_gpio  DW_apb_i2c  DW_apb_i2s  DW_apb_ictl  DW_apb_rap  DW_apb_rtc  DW_apb_ssi  DW_apb_timers  DW_apb_uart  DW_apb_wdt

/usr2myname/CoreTools/DW/axi/iip/latest/ is the installation path for AXI IPs.
Just like above there will be number of AXI IPs in the above directory.
These IPs can be downloaded as a single .run file from Synopsys' website if you have a solvent account.
The RTL will be encrypted , but the top level RTL for each component is text.
The downloaded file will looks something like this:
Run this file on Linux prompt:
Linux> --dir ./
This will install the DW components in current director ",/"

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