Keil uVision KPNS: Known Problems and Solutions, with Error messages.
-Aviral Mittal (avimit att yhaoo dat camm)

1. Error Message :
Common_My\fourth\startup.s(28): error: A1163E: Unknown opcode Reset_Handler , expecting opcode or Macro
Most probably a 'space' or a 'tab' character is present just before 'Reset_Handler'. The assembly syntax directs all symbols to start at first column.
Remove the white space character i.e. 'space' or a 'tab' or multiple spaces or tabs and try again.

2. Error Message :
.\Objects\firstproject.axf: Error: L6320W: Ignoring --entry command. Cannot find argument 'Reset_Handler'.
Most probably the definition of the mandatory procedure 'Reset_Handler' is missing.
Define a 'Reset_Handler' in your startup assembly file, for example:

Reset_Handler   PROC
                                EXPORT Reset_Handler [Weak]
                                IMPORT __main
                                LDR R0, =__main
                                BX  R0

3. Error Message :

    Error while simulation:
    *** error 65: access violation at 0xFFFFFFFC : no 'write' permission

    Stop your debug session:
    Re-Start the debug session, then
    Debug -> Start/Stop Debug Session
    Debug -> Memory Map : A pop-up window will open.
    Fill in the Map Range input box with the following, check Read, Write boxes, and click on 'Map Range'


    Note: The user must note that this is only a temporary solution to the above problem, to keep things going. The user will have to root-cause it as this error should not happen if the code is right.

4. Error Message :