Modelsim Commands:
vcom <vhdl file>
vsim<name of architecture/entity>
vsim -c -do "run -all;quit" cfg_gut_pedma_mti
vsim -Gwo=5 counter apply new value to generic called wo
vsim -t 1ps +notimingchecks -L corelib_slow cfg_gut_array_cache_syn 

Create a clock:
force -freeze sim:/counter/clk 0 0, 1 5 -repeat 10

load coverage results:
coverage reload /homes/s5r01/hw/c/gut/array/auto/tpeswitch_coverage/COVERAGE.070629004607 -root /PESWITCH
vsim -coverage -do "coverage reload /homes/s5r01/hw/c/gut/array/auto/tpeswitch_coverage/COVERAGE.070629004607 -root /PESWITCH" /homes/amittal/s5/work/rtl/tsmc_090_g_art/RTL_COV_MTI_6_1f.PESWITCH

vsim -L GATEWORK -L corelib_slow -L ramlib_slow -t 1ps +notimingchecks cfg_gut_pedma_net

Modelsim Wave Viewer:
Signal Names:
For full hierarchial names:
Tools->Window Prefernces...
On "Display" Tab find
"Display Signal Path" Box,
put a 0 for full paths, a 1 for no paths

Modelsim Commands:

1). env : to set scope:
env {"sim:/gut_top/bench/uut/wuut/\PEDmaSM.U24581\"}

w.r.t current scope
env {"\MainSM.bdcache_i.BufferDescCacheReg_reg_0__VALID_\"}

using full path
env {"sim:/gut_top/bench/uut/wuut/\MainSM.bdcache_i.BufferDescCacheReg_reg_0__VALID_\"}

2). force : to force a net
Following example forces a net in netlist
force -deposit {sim:/gut_top/bench/uut/wuut/CSRRegsReg_reg_INTERRUPTMASK__PEREGFIFOOVERFLOW__1_/Q} 1 0
3). add wave
Example of 'add wave' in a netlist
add wave {sim:/gut_top/bench/uut/wuut/\MainSM.bdcache_i.BufferDescCacheReg_reg_0__VALID_\Q}

Modelsim more Commands:
others = <filename> to add more mapped libraries
AssertionFormat          = "** %S: %R\n   Time: %T  Iteration: %D%I\n"
;above is the default
AssertionFormat          = "%R\n   Time: %T  Iteration: %D%I\n"
;above is to get rid of that "Fatal" term in your sims when you want to end sims with No error.

BTW ';' is a comment

You cannot fully include a modelsim.ini from another modelsim.ini
you can only specify an 'others' for that but then there must be one 'others' for each subsection like '[library]' or '[vsim]' etc...