Trusted Software Vs Untrusted Software
-Aviral Mittal avimit att yahu dat cam.

Trusted Software Vs Untrusted Software:
The difference between the two is very simple. As the name suggests a 'Trusted' Software is something that you can trust.
For example, if you are a SoC designer, or a system Designer, you can almost certainly trust the 'BOOT-ROM' on the system as a Trusted software. This is because this is the 'Root-Of-Trust' and is usually written by the company who has designed the SoC. It is very-unlikely to be malicious, or its very unlikely that it will do something that may harm the user.

On the other hand Un-trusted software is simply as the name suggest the one which the user may not 'trust'. For example, if you download an 'APP', then your 'trust' level on this APP may be very low, as APPs are written by millions on this planet, and the user may have no-idea what it can or could do. It is very likely that it is doing something that the user has no-idea. Stealing data is a very common think these APPS can do relatively easily.

Some times the Trusted Software is also called as 'secure' software and the Untrusted software as 'non-secure' software.