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Tennis Recording Made Easy

The Ultiate Action Camera Mobile Phone Mount for Recording Tennis and Outdoor Sports.

Ever Wanted to Record your full tennis Match which could last up to 3+ or 4+ or 5+ hours? You need this revolutionary new Tennis Recording Stick. It not only holds a recording device but also holds a power bank to charge the recording device, while it records.


Camera Moblie
        Phone Mount

Unique Features
Power Bank Holder
Charge your Mobile/Action Camera while recording. Giving you the Power to record for Virtually Unlimited time.

Multiple Adapters
Suitable for mounting most action cameras e.g GoPro etc or Mobile phones.

Stability Plank
Keeps the Mount in Stable position, giving you a robust recording.

Securing Strap
Keeps the Mount secured, again to give you robust recording.

Made from real Wood
Hand Made in the UK using Real Wood Not Plastic

Recording Height
It Enables Recording from a Height of 3+ Meters. Which gives excellent view of the court and players.

The Ultimate Tennis/Sports Action Camera Mobile Phone Mount.

Camera Mobile Phone Mount for
        sports recording

Tennis Camera Mount Mobile Phone