UK FabLess Semiconductor/VLSI Companies

1). ICERA Semiconductors Bristol
WebSite :
Location: Bristol, Cambridge
About   :
Supplier of Chip Sets for Mobile/Wireless Comms
Career Page: ICERA Semiconductor Careers
Typical Jobs: Digital IC Design, RF Design, DSP Comms Algorithm Development, Compiler/tool Chain Engineer, Application Engineer

2). INTEL Swindon
WebSite :
Location: Swindon, Wiltshire
About   :
Intel in Swindon Designs and develops chips for Digital Television.
Mainly Tuners and Demodulators.
Career Page: Intel Careers
Typical Jobs: Digital IC Design, DSP hardware design, Analog IC design

3). IMAGINATION Technologies Hertfordshire
WebSite :
Location: Kings Langley, Hertfordshire
About   :
This is one of the few companies in UK, who welcomes Graduate Applications
Supplier of Audio/Video IPs/Graphics IPs.
Career Page: Imagination Technologies Careers
Typical Jobs: Digital IC Design, Audio/Video Design, Graphics Software eingeer,
MPEG encoder/decoder design engineers , Device Drivers for Mobile OS such as
Symbian, or Win CE

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