Hi, thanks for your interest in me. I am an Indian,
presently working in the UK .I am a VLSI Design
Engineer(more simply an electronics design
engineer) with just more than a decade of industry
experience,(as on Feb 2009)  most of it belongs to
Philips Semiconductors, a bit of it to
STMicroelectronics, and Texas Instruments

I am currently working for Intel in UK

I define myself as a self-motivated, innovative, hard
working, open minded and different.

I completed my Engineering from
Institute of Engg and Tech, Lucknow, in 1998, worked
for nearly a year in India, then got lucky with this enticing
opportunity from Philips Semi, Southampton, UK
following which I moved to UK in Sep 2000.
Since then I have been living in the UK. Took
a break from work in 2005, to complete my masters
from ISLI, University of Edinburgh(With Distinction)

I have developed this site to help
all those who are related to VLSI/
Microelectronics industry, especially students
who I believe, struggle to find information related
to this field



vlsiip att vlsiip.com can be freely used, in case you
want to.

Aviral Mittal:Owner of VLSI IP