AXI3 Vs AXI4 The difference between AXI3 and AXI4

1. AXI3 supports burst lengths up to 16 beats only. While AXI4 supports burst lengths of up to 256 beats.
2. AXI3 supports write interleaving. AXI4 does NOT support write interleaving
3. AXI3 supports locked transfers, AXI4 does NOT support locked transfers
4. AXI4 supports QoS, AXI3 does NOT suppor QoS.

I have seen many IP providers e.g. Synopsys supporting burst lengths up to 256 beats in AXI3
I have also seen many IP providers e.g. Synopsys NOT supporting write interleaving in AXI3.

Looks like the industry norm is to use AXI3 with burst lenghts up to 256 beats without support for write Interleaving.

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