AXI Fundamentals: Things to Consider:

AXI Ordering:
All AXI transactions issued with same ID Tag must be returned in the same order as they were issued.
However AXI transactions having different Tag ID can be returned out of order.

Default values of ready signals as per the Spec:

As per the AXI spec:
Default value of AWREADY can be HIGH or LOW. The recommended default value is HIGH,
but then the slave must be able to accept any valid address that is presented to it.

Default value of WREADY can be HIGH, but only if the salve can always accept write data in single cycle.

Notice the difference here,
for AWREADY it says 'can be HIGH or LOW'
for WREAD it says 'can be HIGH'

Why the language is different, I dont know, but to me it means the same.

The default value of ARREADY can be HIGH or LOW. The recommended value is HIGH.

The default value of BREADY can be HIGH

The default value of RREADY can be HIGH

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