VHDL Resource PAGE:
>Find VHDL dependencies:
This utility will find dependencies from your RTL directrory structure:
It takes the top level vhdl file as input, sorts out the dependencies, and outputs a ordered compile script
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Generate a Template Testbench:
This script will read a vhdl file and generate a template testbench.
This template testbench will instantiate the vhdl design, in the tesbench and map all the signals at testbench level
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Generate input/output constraints for design compiler
This script will read vhdl file and generate an example constraints file for its I/Os.
All it does is : it extracts all input output ports, and put a default 70% input and output delay respectively.
This file then can be customised as required.
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An example VHDL test bench

VHDL tutorial (Under Construction)

Example VHDL file I/O

Commonly used VHDL Functions

Simple Ram Model in VHDL